About us

We are a dedicated team of mindfulness teachers and community members with a vision to empowering people especially young people and children with the skills to live a happier life by having more peaceful existence with themselves, others, and the planet.

We are a non-profit children’s charity dedicated to fighting the vices of destruction, anger, anxiety and depression in the lives of young adults and children.

Our mission is to provide access to mindfulness and movement instructions to students and staff members in public schools and institutions in underserviced areas. It is our hope that these instructions will help participants increase self-awareness and emotional regulation, improve attention and focus, cultivate compassion, and develop resilience and adaptability when faced with challenging circumstances.

Our Key Factors To Success

  • Marketing: Sending out that message of love is one of our key goals. We employ all forms of information outreach to ensure we generate enough awareness for our programs. We maintain a reasonable advertising budget with most going to targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Professionalism: We apply strict professionalism in the discharge of all our responsibilities. Our management staff are full professionals in their various fields and each bring a unique experience to the team and our overall objectives. Our team members are empowered to do amazing jobs, displaying a high level of competency in the discharge of their responsibilities.
  • Partnerships: We thrive on synergy! Ours is mission for many and as such we are inclined to develop fruitful partnership to help with spreading the good cause and reaching more children.
  • Quality Programs: Our programs have helped change lives. We have in countless ways restored mindfulness in the hearts of children in public schools and underserviced areas. We are committed to organising programs that are beneficial to our society and the world at large.
  • Communication: We have developed a strong social media presence to communicate our message of peace, hope, and renewed mindfulness. You can get information on our current programs and how you can donate or participate on our social handles.
  • Transparency: Transparency is our watchword! You can be rest assured that every cent donated will be put to good use to better the lots of the children.

Our Team