Johnny Rizek

Johnny Rizek was born into a middle class family in the old city of Jerusalem. Compassion for helping others was ingrained from a young age by his family when after the Palestinian War of 1948; his mother started an infant welfare center.

Johnny was schooled at the famous Fréres, a French School in Jerusalem, and gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.  Returning to Jerusalem, he joined the family business and soon acquired a VW and Audi dealership, which he ran successfully until 2001 when he and his family immigrated to San Diego, California.

Over 10 years ago Johnny started Best Solutions Realty, specializing in real estate investing and he is licensed in financial planning.

Business activities alone were never enough for Johnny and his work among the youth has earned him the highest respect. He passionately wanted to voice the needs of the youth in distressed situations and chose to play a very active role within his community.  Johnny presided over the East Jerusalem YMCA board while also becoming an active member of the YWCA, organizing both youth and music activities. The Norwegian YMCA sponsored and supported the region to start choirs and he was appointed as board member. While serving on the board of the Music Conservatory in the region, Johnny voluntarily gave choir and music lessons to the youth who could not afford them.

Johnny’s ability to combine his business acumen with his passion for children allows him to create a brighter future for children across the cultural divide and fills his heart with joy.