Peter John Swartz II

Peter John Swartz II is a scientist and spiritual teacher. He has devoted his life to building a bridge between his foundation of modern western science to ancient eastern traditions. This has been anchored in the indigenous ways of connecting with nature as he has lived with Native American Chiefs, Medicine Women and Shamans. He is consciously cultivating within the art of self mastery and the science of self realization, while honoring all cultures, faiths, philosophies and ways of life.

He specializes in creating a safe and sacred space for creative, influencers and leaders to enhance their creative flow and access their true zone of genius effortlessly. He facilitates this process using meditative techniques to guide individuals to alter their brain wave patterns inducing experiences of deeper inner peace and blissful euphoria. In these trance states, one can receive divine insights, miraculous healing and transformative inspiration of their purpose on the planet.

Transitioning from a peak state into characteristic trait is the next step on the journey of becoming the change one wishes to see in the world. Peter’s protocol empowers individuals to trust their intuition and develop rituals to enhance confidence, creativity and playfulness.

Peter began his journey of service as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and nutritionist who took his expertise to corporate wellness. He developed incentive based wellness programs to influence behavior change within a corporate structure. He is an advanced meditator who has hosts wellness retreats, practices feng shui and teaches at festivals around the world.