Weekly Classes

We host an eight week class that is pre-purposed to the children: find moments of mindfulness, develop an awareness of the present moment, allow and label feelings, bring compassionate neutrality to challenges, utilize breath and movement techniques to assist the body’s physical response to stress and help to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Educational Programs


Mindfulness 4 Youth offers eight week long mindfulness and movement courses to elementary and high school students.

The courses utilize the highly effective Mindful Schools research based and field-tested curriculums taught by certified teachers who embody the tenets of mindfulness practice. The curriculum focuses on building moments of mindfulness into everyday life, thereby improving attention and emotional regulation with enhanced awareness and equanimity.

Lessons explicitly teach students to practice compassion in difficult situations as well as recognizing uncomfortable emotions without being judgemental.

Our Rule of Thumb

  • Schools and public organizations are provided a contract and a course schedule detailing the terms of the course.
  • Prior to launching an eight week mindfulness series, the assigned mindfulness teacher hosts a one hour parent/staff mindfulness orientation at the designated teaching location.
  • Educational programs are evaluated by participants and teachers at the end of each session to measure effectiveness and transference of mindfulness skills in everyday events and overall well-being.
  • Students are encouraged to find creative ways to share and celebrate their learning in the form of community service projects.